Hand blown moonballs will make your event glow

Trendy and beautiful Moonballs Centrepieces

Our new moonballs are the latest trend.Unlike cheaper acrylic versions ours are made from hand-blown glass for a beautiful smooth shiny look.

They are 25cm in diameter and come with LED lights inside that can be set to your chosen colour.

Unlike other versions they will also last for more than 12 hours.

Our moonballs can be placed directly on a table or on top of a mirror or can even be placed on top of martini glasses for extra height.

From a subtle white glow to stronger colours they can reflect your colour scheme and are ideal for those needing a lower type of table centrepiece.

We have 65 moon balls in stock but if you need more for your event then please ask or mix with our crystal ball centrepieces. We will deliver and set up at your venue and collect back again afterwards. Our latest event was for the Breyer Group in London.

Cost = From £30 including LED lighting. Table mirrors, table runners and table crystals are optional extras.

Suitable for parties and corporate events, colour themed events, low table centrepiece requirements or a different type of martini vase centrepiece, awards ceremonies.

Nationwide delivery available for larger orders. Local delivery areas include Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and the West Midlands.

moonballs staverton3
moonballs bristol2
moonballs bristol10
moonballs bristol
bath moonballs6
bath moonballs3
bath moonballs12
bath moonballs10
bath moonballs
orbs coombe
martini orb white
martini orb blue

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moonball centrepieces london
moonball centrepieces london2
moonball centrepieces ashton gate9
moonball centrepieces ashton gate8
moonball centrepieces ashton gate6
moonball centrepieces ashton gate10
moonball centrepieces exeter living2
moonball centrepieces exeter living1
moonball centrepieces exeter living4
moonball centrepieces exeter living5
moonball centrepieces sketchley grange3
moonball centrepieces sketchley grange2
moonball centrepieces sketchley grange1
moonball centrepieces sketchley grange
moonballs bristol1
moonballs bristol10
moonballs bristol9
moonballs bristol12
moonballs bristol2
moonballs bristol5
moonballs bristol6
moonballs bristol
moonballs bristol11
moonballs bristol7
moonballs staverton6
moonballs staverton3
moonballs staverton1
moonballs cardiff
moonballs cardiff2
moonballs cardiff3
moonballs cardiff4
moonballs cardiff9
moonballs cardiff8
moonballs exeter8
moonballs exeter7
moonballs exeter1
moonballs exeter
moonballs exeter6
moonballs exeter5
moonballs exeter3
moonballs exeter9
moonballs exeter2
moonballs exeter4
bath moonballs10
bath moonballs11
bath moonballs12
bath moonballs13
bath moonballs14
bath moonballs2
bath moonballs4
bath moonballs6
bath moonballs7
bath moonballs8
bath moonballs9
bath moonballs3
bath moonballs5
bath moonballs
bath moonballs1
orbs coombe3
orbs coombe2
orbs coombe1
orbs coombe
martini orb turquoise
martini orb pink
orb mirror3
orb mirror2
orb mirror1
orb green
orb colour8
orb colour7
orb colour5
orb colour6
orb colour4
orb colour3
orb colour10
orb colour1
orb blue

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